Tips for Creating Multiple Streams of Income as a Photographer 

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Tips for Creating Multiple Streams of Income as a Photographer 

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Tips for Creating Multiple Streams of Income as a Photographer 

By Nichole Wintheiser 

As a photographer, there are many ways to generate income. Some are passive, while others require more work. As a creative business owner, you will want more than one income stream in case one fails so you still have money coming in and don’t feel the hit as much. 

Here are eight ways to earn money as a photographer: 

  1. Sell prints 
  1. Sell stock photos 
  1. Become an affiliate 
  1. Open an Etsy shop 
  1. Teach an online course 
  1. Become an influencer 
  1. Sell evergreen products 
  1. Freelance 

You can choose to take on all eight opportunities or start with one or two as you have time. However, the more that you can utilize the better from an income standpoint. Let’s take a closer look at each one and see which will fit in your schedule. 

Sell Prints 

As a photographer, you will have a lot of photos waiting in files on your computer. Find your best ones and create an online portfolio so you can sell them as prints. You can put your prints for sale on your website or you can use a third-party website to create your portfolio.  

Fine Art America, Shoot-proof, and Shutterfly are three options for where you can get prints. The first two options are print on demand, so as your customers buy your prints, they will print and ship for you. Shutterfly will allow you to share your sites in a private group, but otherwise, you have to order prints and then ship them yourself.  

Sell Stock Photos 

Companies are willing to pay photographers for stock images that they can use rather than set up their own photo sessions to get the one photo they need. All you have to do is take photos of nature, food, or other everyday products and sell them as stock photography.

You can also sell your more personal photos if you feel comfortable doing so. You can take photos of your children or pets being their silly selves and sell them.  

 ShutterStock, Adobe Stock, and Cavan are a few stock photo websites to check out. When you have your photos available on a few stock photography sites, this  opportunity can help you  earn a passive income. 

Become an Affiliate 

Do you have a blog or YouTube channel? You can join an affiliate program and share links to products that you use as a photographer.

Each blog post or YouTube video you create with affiliate links will become passive income, but you have to maintain a posting schedule to gain followers and views. Amazon has a good affiliate program, and most retail stores do as well.

Look online for the company you want to represent to see what program they offer and fill out the application form. 

Open an Etsy Shop  

You can sell your photos on Etsy. You can sell your prints, framed photos, and digital copies. You can also create other craft projects using your photos, such as greeting cards, coasters, calendars, and clocks.

Whatever you can think of to make using your photos, you can sell on Etsy. 

 Teach an Online Course 

What photography skills are you good at? Make a list of them and then create courses of those items and upload them online.

You could also make an in-the-field course and teach people the camera settings you use for your niche of photography. 

 Creating a course will take time, but once it’s created, this is a way to earn passive income.

You can upload it to your website or you can upload it to an educational platform such as Skillshare, Thinkific, or Kajabi.

Become an Influencer 

Becoming an influencer is similar to becoming an affiliate. As an influencer, you will have a strong social media presence with a lot of engagement.

Create relevant content regularly and let brands know that you are open to collaborations. If those brands like what they see, they will reach out to you. 

Focus on one or two social media platforms that you enjoy using.

TikTok and Instagram are two choices that would be good for photography but don’t limit yourself to those two.

Consider Facebook, Pinterest, and any other platforms that your target audience frequents. 

 Sell Evergreen Products 

Evergreen products are products that sell all year, with no peak periods. You could write an e-book, or PDF and sell them on your website or Etsy shop.

If you use Lightroom to edit and store your photos, you can create filter presets and sell them as well. Once the work is done evergreen products are another great way to earn passive income. The more products you have the more income potential you have.


 Newspapers, magazines, and online publications are looking for photos. Especially, if you can write up a story to go with them. So, go out with your camera and take interesting photos and write an article to go with them.

When submitting your photos be sure to follow the submission guidelines set by the publication. 

How Should I Determine My Pricing? 

First, you will need to determine your total cost. So, you’ll add the cost of materials, cost of labor, and any overhead that you have.

Once you have your total cost, you add that number and your desired profit to equal the final sale price. 

 Your cost of materials can include printing, packaging, shipping, and any other supplies needed for your photography.

Don’t forget to charge for your time. Even if you love what you do, you are still working and should be paid for your time.

Overhead costs include  the equipment that you need to take photos with.  

 The final number you will need is your desired profit. That’s really up to you to decide.

You don’t want it to be too low and not make any money, but if it’s too high, then you won’t sell anything either. Try starting with 20% and see how that works for you.  

How Else Can I Improve My Photography Business? 

Here are a few options for growing your business in other aspects than generating income directly.

If you implement these, you’ll become a better photographer and business owner, and more sales will follow. 

  1. Take a class. This can be either photography or business-related. Assess where you are struggling and see what is available in the area.  
  1. Practice your photography. Experience is the best teacher. Take your camera out and experiment with the settings and features. Be sure to focus on your niche. If you’re a landscape photographer, take photos of landscapes. If you’re a macro-photographer, do that.  
  1. Watch YouTube tutorials. There are many photographers on YouTube. Find your favorites and watch what they do and implement what you learn from them.  
  1. Expand your niche. If your niche is too narrow you can broaden it. If you’re a wedding photographer, think about taking maternity photos as well.  
  1. Ask for feedback. You need an unbiased opinion of what is working and what isn’t working with your photos. Post them on Instagram or your blog and ask for comments. Don’t ask your family for that feedback, as they like you and probably don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

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