How do I Start a Career in Video Production? 

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How do I Start a Career in Video Production? 

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How do I Start a Career in Video Production? 


A single choice (Video Production) …Not one but it is multiple. Once you learn the art of video production you can walk into different pathways in connection with it.

In this article below you will get to know how you can start and with what you can reach out in video production. 

The rules to beat out the crowd in video production 

  1. Equipment/quality 
  1. Self-awareness/mentorship 
  1. Content  
  1. Cash your talent 
  1. Reach out 

The above-mentioned rules will definitely help you understand, accept, explore and roar. (In video production). Let’s continue further.  

Step # 1 Equipment/ Quality: 

When you learn something in particular you must have around you the sources from which you can learn that thing.

So if you are interested in video production which is indeed the most attractive career and somehow also demanding and tough you must have the knowledge of equipment and their uses, the angles, the filters, the apps as well.  

But if you are passionate about the career you can handle it in all ways.

Your equipment and quality matters the most, if you are good at it you will be easily getting jobs and more audience will approach you, but how do you do that? Well that is simple!  

 To create good quality content you should watch good quality work, and that will inspire you to create inspiring work.

Scrolling down what catches my eyes is the quality of that particular video or graphics and there I am watching every video of that particular page or channel, and that is the point, even if your content is loose but your quality is good people do approach and gives you feedback regarding your content and that can help you boost up.  

And by loose content I do not mean any content at all but there should be at least some fine work.

You be like people are there at different platforms with not good quality but are famous, because fame and quality are not same, they don’t go together and you who are passionate about video production do care about quality and cannot stand out a low-quality work which is a fact.

Equipment is needed and quality is its feed. (In video production) 

Step # 2 Self Awareness/ Mentorship: 

You can’t say no to the feedback people are giving you, but it doesn’t mean that you start degrading yourself but Be Self Aware…

Self Awareness is the key to reach out in any career.

Particularly in video production without any research or ideas you cannot upgrade yourself, the more creative you are the more research you do, the more work you watch and see what is it people are liking the most and what is it that you have and is not there at the certain platform, the more you explore the more you get to know.  

You woke up one morning thinking you were capable of shooting a video.

You also had good quality equipment, you shot, and you posted and boom you have gone viral, no!

It is not like that I know it is not difficult to be viral in today’s social media world but getting a fruit without doing any work is like getting paid without doing any job, which is pathetic and of course not appealing.  

So even if you do have the resources but you are being underrated it is absolutely fine because it happens to a lot of people and it doesn’t matter that much, and you should introspect yourself and calm yourself down by the fact that a great work can and do go underrated which is not a bad sign at all.  

Mentor yourself or have an honest mentor who tells you you’re each and every mistake and watch out for your every shot.

Also watch the work of the ones who are underrated but are amazing in their fields. 

Step # 3 Content: 

Storytelling is an art, an art which attracts, just like someone’s voice.

So the content is. I mentioned above that if your quality is good your content don’t matter that much but further I added that by people reaching out to your channel, you will realize that nor is it the only quality making which is required but the content is must, what will you do only with good quality camera but no story to shoot about?  

Right, so of course it matters.

As I said that with good quality even your loose and slow content will get views but not always, not always people will reach out the same channel with good graphics but no content, no good story, no nothing, you also do the same, right?.

Good Quality + Good Content = great work (quality work) which is a demand of many companies doing film/video production. 

 Video Production is the course, the process which requires you to know about it all including the content.

The more content is good you can upgrade yourself in quality and quantity of people.

I will repeat that people are out there famous with not such good quality, what are they famous for?  

The Content! And with content their quality also increases, 2nd fact. And good content can make you prominent at different platforms.

Like with good script writing/ content you can create a video demo and highlight it at your page or channel with hash tags for good jobs. 

Step # 4 Cash Your Talent: 

Go out there and give it out all you have, cash your talent. And how do you do that?

First of all learn everything regarding the video production industry, to cash your talent you must acknowledge yourself, you must have a grip over the tasks industry has been working upon; you should interact with strangers to get comfortable in the industry.  

Make your own videos, with your master skills you believe are worth it.

You also must eliminate the field you are not passionate about in video production, which can be Production assistant, Boom operator, Camera operator, Cinematographer, Videographer.

As I told you it is not one it is multiple after eliminating the other fields, do your hundred percent in the career you choose, on which you have command. 

 And plus you can take filming school through which you can groom yourself and can know the multiple other ways to cash your talent in this field of video/ film production 

Step # 5 Reach Out: 

Reach out and then search out. What to reach out and what to search out, that I will tell you.

Reach out to every contact you have in the industry and ask them what you should do to be at the position you have potential for and ask them for advice for newcomers, reach out for interviews of different companies and by seeing your interest they may tell you about any place at their company.  

Attend the industry event, show up there and you will interact with more people if they are seeking out for any employee for their project. Keep in touch with your contacts.  

Search out for jobs, fill up for your education, your skills, any project you worked on or any majors regarding filming you have done, mention it all and keep with yourself a person besides you to confirm your resume, mention all your experience regarding filming production and the majors you are passionate about and then list out the jobs being honest with yourself, don’t jump out at a position you don’t have any experience of or have no skills for just because it is in or demanding. 

 Be honest and when applying, mention the company’s work due to which you applied there and learn about the company more before the interview ,show up confidently and show them how willing and passionate you are to get the job. 

How to eliminate the careers in video production, and select only one? 

Well, that is an excellent question and people are merely confused what to choose once you have done your video production course.

I believe the best solution to this problem or confusion is to list out the careers that are part of video production and then highlight your majors and if you have trouble highlighting them then the easier way is to first eliminate the career you are not very passionate about. 

 Plus you can figure out later as well so give yourself time and introspect regarding each career of video production in front of you and list the things you can do in each career and, the career with more skills and interest will be the right choice. 

How do I increase my overall presentation? 

That is a simple answer question, either by whole simplicity or by giving your videos some particular look which can grab the attention of the audience for example a person is rightly rated due to his unique way of delivering the story and his shots in the video are more attractive than any other video just because he or she do it with different graphics, styles, and yes the most important is to follow the steps  

  1. Pre-Production 
  1. Production 
  1. Post-production 

With the following steps in process you will create good quality and professional work and it will boost up your overall presentation. 




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